CR in the 2019 HK International Lighting Fair(Spring Edition)

The annual HK International Lighting Fair(Spring Edition) lasts for four days (April 06-09 2019). CR-LED has achieved a successful result. At this exhibition, we show the latest research and development achievements, such as 2-in-1 panel Airplat, panel lights of various installation modes, shadowless cabinet lamps, ultra-thin surface mounted panel lights. In particular, our products have passed UL, EUL, GS, TUV, PSE certification, indicating that CR lighting products are professional high-quality products.

During the exhibition, there was an endless stream of customers who came to watch our booth. Our lights attracted many buyers to come in and had a seat talk. Many buyers were interested in our multi-functional panel lamp with changeable frame because it was very convenient to install. We believe that CR products will bring great business to our customers and We sincerely welcome customers to visit our factory.

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